22. September 2021

Good Morning Pandas!

Are you having a nice weekend? Ella and I went on a boat trip around the Panfu coast yesterday. Great, wasnt it 


Ella, why are you so quiet today? Are you still disappointed because of the math competition?

Yes! And I actually would rather not tell our Pandas about it…the embarrassment!

Ah Ella, you werent that bad. You did come in third in your age group 

But I wanted to win Well ok, Ill tell you why I didnt make first place:

Yesterday at about 2 pm, the math competition started in the big classroom at the Underwater School. Our teacher always called on two students to solve two tasks. I started calculating, thinking it was easy enough. But then I thought of my nightmare about the scarecrow again! I felt hot and cold and I couldnt think straight.

The teacher even asked Ella if she was ok, because she was sweating so much.

I didn see the result of my calculations, I only ever saw the scarecrow!

I looked over to Max whod brought Lenny to watch the competition – they were standing at the window.

Hah, I knew right away that something was up with Ella. So Lenny and I pulled a few funny faces and made Ellas sad face into a happy one again 

That was really sweet of you and it did distract me from the scarecrow Unfortunately there wasnt enough time to solve the last task after that 

Well, I think a third place is super! You can always win next year By the way: Have you been by the Castle today yet? Evrons scarecrow has gotten so big! Bonez has also arrived at the port!

Well reveal the winner of the Expert-Question in the next article!

Paws up for Panfu,

Ella and Max

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16. September 2021

Good morning pandas, 
The time has finally come: the time lock of the aquarium in which Eloise is trapped opens!

Ha, at least thats what we thought. Now it can be opened - but only with a certain number code

Eloise said that Bonez wrote the four code numbers on a piece of paper. He then tore it up with a sardonic laugh in front of her eyes and said he would use it to climb Panfus volcano and let her fly over the whole island as a paper airplane.

That nasty villain! Because of his dark machinations, Eloise has been locked in the aquarium for over 2 weeks. Fortunately, she is currently on a fast, so she needs little food. In her diving suit, she also had a few power bars as a reserve.

The last time we thought Bonez was back, Carl Caruso was just playing a Halloween prank on us. But this time its no joke: hes actually back!

But where is Bonez now and what is he up to ??? Lets find the four paper planes asap and put a stop to it!
The winner of the final expert question is "Oleq". Congratulations

 Expert Question of the Week:

"What mode of transport did Bonez use to get to Panfu for the first time?"

Write us the answer in the comments by the end of the week and win a college hat and 10,000 panda coins! By the way: Were you pandas in the castle today? strange things are going on ... Kamaria said she had seen Evron fly past the window ...!

and Max

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12 September, 2021

Hey Pandas!

We did it! We emptied the classroom of all the water Because Max and I didnt know what we were to expect, we carefully opened the door and peeked around the corner. But except for a few desks with computers and a huge aquarium, we couldnt really see anything.

The computers even work, despite the fact that theyd been immersed in water all that time! I looked around the room – suddenly, I heard a knock from somewhere behind me! A bit scared, I turned around and looked towards the aquarium, directly into the eyes of a diver.

Can you believe it? Theres really a Panda locked up in the aquarium! And Bonez, that evil Panda, was the one who did it.

It can really only be someone that we already know. Know who it is yet?
Write your idea in the comments

Now we need to wait for the time lock to open. Then we can free the Panda and with his or her help, well find Bonez.

Ella and Max

P.S.: Have you already checked out the cool whirlpool that Manny gave you as a reward? It makes cool bubbles 

Oh and the winner of the expert question will be there next time!

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08. September 2021

Good Morning Pandas!

I am sooo exhausted…Why? Because Ive been up and pumping since 6 oclock this morning! Manny finished putting the pump together last night and left us a note to say that we would be able to use it right after we got up in the morning.

Max didnt even eat his breakfast – thats how badly he wanted to help with the pumping. But now you should take a break and have your jam roll and a biiig cup of cocoa – you deserve it

Mhmm, yummy

You Pandas should line up at the entrance area of the Underwater School and take turns pumping. It only works every ten minutes and takes a lot of effort. Maybe well manage to empty the room of all that water until the weekend.

Expert Question: How many Mini Games can be played at the Swimming Pool, including the Kiosk and the Changing Room?

Well randomly select a winner from among all the correct answers and will announce the winner soon.
This week you can win a Collegehat & an alien-Playercard

Last week nobody answered the question correctly.

Paws up for Panfu,

Ella and Max

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28. August 2021

Helloooo pandas!
Greetings from my new island Max-Land!

Max .... This is neither your island nor Max land ... Do you seriously think this joke will work? Everyone knows that the island belongs to Captain Pandabeard ... And thats where the summer jam 2021 is taking place!

Let me have fun :(

So you will definitely have enough fun there ... There are many hidden items, great concerts by Brady & McKenzie ... By the way, you can also meet them live if there are more than 10 players in the backstage room in the evening! This is even rewarded with an item that you can pick up in their player card!

Well, you might be right ... But I still want to put a smile on the face of at least one panda! Here comes the winner of the expert question!

          Panfu-Expert of the Week: MrBeach

Congratulations! I have the new expert question for you right away!

How many torches are there in the interior of the Castle (courtyard, terrace, etc.)

You can win a college hat and a fire hydrant for your tree house!

Paws up for Panfu

Max and Ella

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13. August 2021

Hello Pandas,

do you know what Day is today?

Yes, Friday the 13th !!! I will definitely NOT dare to go out on the street. On that day I always run from one faux pas to the next. :(

Well maybe that will be your lucky day! Den Today is not a bad luck, but a lucky day on Panfu. There is new furniture! ;) So take a look at the furniture catalog! Here is a little foretaste:

Huch! You really dont have to leave the tree house anymore! Now I can even build my own underwater world!

And I also have a new expert question of the week for you!
I was just out and about in Panfu and made myself a bit beautiful!

Which mini-game did I just play? Heres a hint: