21. September 2022
pandas! We need the help of the omniscient mirror!!!!
Max! Dont fall straight into the house with the door! Calm down for now..... Pandas, just a little enlightenment... Unfortunately, Kamaria hasnt found a magic spell that can free her from the branches of the tree monster. Now she would like to ask the omniscient.... the mirror spirit! However, he is unpredictable, so Kamaria only asks him in an emergency. When hes in a bad mood, he likes to suck pandas inside himself or even turn them into ghosts.....
*Tremble* Im already afraid to talk to him..... Its best if you all come to the castle tower. Thats safer! Just talk to Kamaria she will tell you what you have to do.
Paws up for Panfu!
Max and Ella

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13. September 2022
!!A WARNING to all Pandas!!

Keep away from the Castle! Seriously.

The tree at the Castle has transformed into a scary tree monster with red eyes. It has already wound its terrible branches around the whole Castle. This is no joking matter. Anyone who comes close to the Castle Gate will be hit by lightning!

Who knows what else this monster can do. It was difficult enough to free Ella from the tree monsters branches.

Always acting the hero. And you didnt even do anything!

Alright, I might not have personally freed Ella. But I knew exactly who could help us. Kamaria!! I remembered that Ella has had something like this happen to her before. A tree root just wound around her foot. Hehe, tree monsters seem to like you. 

I had almost forgotten about that. It was just terrible. Luckily, Kamaria had exactly the right potion to free me: precious heart flower essence. It helped this time around, too. Only a few drops of that and the branches around my feet retracted.

Unfortunately the heart flower essence cant get rid of the entire tree monster. Its too big and strong. Also, Kamaria cant help us anymore. Kamaria and Paul have been locked up by the tree monster, its like theyve been imprisoned. The poor things!

What is Evron planning to do with them? I hope Kamaria will come up with something. If we dont stop it, the monster might just wind its way around all of Panfu! 

Watch out!

Max and Ella

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24. August 2022

Heyho Pandas! And? Are you enjoying the 3rd Summerjam?

Ella... Who doesent? There is so much to explore! And the adventureisland has everything you need for the perfect summer. A campfire, palm trees, a partyhut including a backstageroom.... Thats perfect!

Youre right.... William Pandabeard has made a really good find... Which is why were actually contacting you... Theres news! From today there is a pool party in the swimmingpool! And Bruno made a great picnic! Hes waiting for you at the pool too!
Delicious grilled sausages for everyone!

Max! Dont steal Brunos spell!

hehehhee Sorry....

So Pandas, Lets go to the Pool!
Ella and Max

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06. August 2022

Hi Pandas, its me... Your Kamaria!
Today, exceptionally, I am writing the Panfu Blog. Theres great news!
 A new update for Panfu HTML5 - Timetravel will appear around 19:00.