06. August 2022

Hi Pandas, its me... Your Kamaria!
Today, exceptionally, I am writing the Panfu Blog. Theres great news!
 A new update for Panfu HTML5 - Timetravel will appear around 19:00.

As you can see, Sanfranpanfu will be added with the update. To be precise, the first built-up version of Sanfranpanfu... Just like it happened in 2008! Of course thats not all... The first version of the smileys is added and of course a new edition of the newspaper! So... Pandas... See you at 19:00!
Love & Peace
Your Kamaria

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30. July 2022

Hey pandas, We just received a postcard from Sporty! He announces that he wants to visit Panfu next week!

This will be the hardest week ever...... -.-

Oh nonsense, but Sporty is a trainer after all... He insists that we are well trained.... And thats exactly why he comes to visit us! He wants to make all pandas fit for summer!

Fit for the summer? Thats me when Im lying on the hammock...

Oh Max.... A bit of sport is a must! But its best to read the postcard yourself. You see them when you log into Panfu..

Sport is murder. And thats forever.....

MAX!! ....   doesnt matter...
Paws up for Panfu!
and Max

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11. Juli 2022

Hello pandas! For once, Im writing alone today... Max is already on the way! Where? Well, the Panfu.com birthday party continues! This week, none other than the Smashingpancakes are visiting us!

Be sure to talk to Mr. Curley in the courtyard... I have to go now, I dont want to miss any concerts!
Paws up for Panfu!
Your Ella

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8. July 2022
Hey Pandas!
Hard to believe! It has now been 1 year since Panfu officially returned! Have you already been to the castle courtyard this week? Part 1 of the big birthday party is going up there!